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Superwinch Winches

Forty years ago in the northeast hills of Connecticut, Frank Tolsdorf, entrepreneur and marketing extraordinaire began manufacturing Superwinch electric winches. The corporate philosophy was to offer the end-user the most reliable, highest performing winching products; all designed via problem solving innovation and from an organization dedicated to customer service.

1,000 lb (454kg)

2,000 lb (907kg)

3,000 lb (1361kg)

4,000 lb (1814kg)

5,000 lb (2268kg)

5,500 lb (2494kg)

7,500 lbs (3401 kgs)

8,000 lb (3629kg)

9,000 lb (4082kg)

9,500 lb (4309kg)

10,000 lb (4536kg)

11,500 lb (5216kg)

12,000 lb (5443kg)

12,500 lbs (5,670 kgs)

13,500 lb (6213kg)

14,000 lb (6334kg)

15,500 lb (7031kg)

17,500 lb (7938kg)

18,000 lb (8165kg)

20,000 lb (9072kg)

30,000 lb (13636kg)